Energy Psychology

Photo by Jude Beck

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was founded by Gary Craig in 1995. The technique involves tapping on acupuncture meridian points with your finger tip while saying a ‘reminder statement’ of the present issue. It will take you into the root cause of the issue you are feeling presently and you will be able to tap into it until you have released all negative emotions connected to the issue, which will allow you to feel more free, at ease and at peace.

It is a quick and effective method that anyone can learn (even children) to release negative emotions, blocks, and allow one to feel free.

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a systemic approach that brings order and healing in a particular system that has been disrupted.

Everyone belongs to a system, the first system being the family of origin. Thereafter, we become a part of many other systems such as school, company, neighbourhood, sports team and many others.

Family Constellation is based on the principles that in every system there is a hierarchy, everyone in the family has a place in the system and a role to play and there has to be a balance. When a disruption occurs in the family system, the client is then burdened by this and it could impact their relationships, work, health, emotional well-being and much more. The process of Family Constellation enables us to work through these disruptions, face them, acknowledge them and restore balance to ‘what is’.